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Artist Development

The experienced team at Global Eyes Entertainment will help you define and organize your goals, then guide you along the right path in order to achieve results.

Marketing & PR

Using both traditional and new media, Global Eyes Entertainment will work with you to grow your fan base, increasing album sales and live event attendance.


With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, the team at Global Eyes can help you reach goals in virtually all areas of the music business.


Global Eyes Entertainment specializes in artist development for the global market. Owner Ramona E. Simmons and team share decades of genre-crossing music knowledge. They focus on development, implementation and management of international media and performance tours, online and retail distribution strategies, plus sub-publishing, licensing and distribution deals to help artists, labels and publishers monetize and expand their global footprints. Each project is customized to suit the client's needs. With over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry, Global Eyes Entertainment is able to deliver results on all levels within the music business.